Dodol – Goan Dessert Recipe


1½ cup of coconut milk 

250 grams brown rice flour 

250 grams grated jaggery

50 grams almonds (soak the almonds and remove the skin) 

50 grams cashew nuts


Steps of preparation 

Step 1 

In a large bowl, mix the rice flour with the coconut milk and see that the mixture is lump-free then add the jaggery. 

Step 2 

Add the coconut, rice and jaggery mix to a thick-bottomed pot on a low flame and continually stir is it with a wooden spoon. 

Step 3

After 6 to 7 minutes of cooking the mixture, add the crushed almonds, and continue stirring (the step of continuously stirring is the most important part of the process, as it avoids any formation of lumps and gives the Dodol its unique texture) for half an hour making sure the edges do not burn, now add the cashew nuts.

Step 4

Keep stirring the mixture until it starts to leave the side of the pan.

Step 5 

Put the mixture in a greased container and smoothen the top, add chunks of cashew nuts or almonds on the top for decoration and leave it aside to cool. 


Cut the Dodol into pieces and serve.  

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