Interns Say

Our second batch of internship ended a few days ago. We are grateful for the group of enthusiastic, young men who travelled all the way from Himachal Pradesh just to intern with us at Mum’s Kitchen. Here’s what they had to say about their six months with us.

In order from Left to Right –

Ankush – My seniors suggested I do my training in Mum’s Kitchen. I worked in the Butchery for two months, and four months in service. I liked to serve alcohol. I learned how to serve wine.  I loved the service and butchery. I learned how to clean fish. I didn’t get a chance to go sightseeing because I wanted to do that on my last day.

Yashpal – My seniors recommended that I do my internship in Goa with Mum’s Kitchen. Goa being a significant tourist hub the movement in this restaurant is generally fast. I knew I would do well in a place like Mum’s Kitchen. I got to experience different departments. I was in the Garnish department. I enjoyed plating the most. Sometimes I was the only one working in the department and I learned how to work independently manning the plating on singlehandedly. I learned how to be neat and clean in my work.

Shubham – My friends from the senior classes recommended Mum’s Kitchen. I researched Mum’s Kitchen and found the place appealing. I was inspired to get my training done here. My favorite departments were food pickups and the bar. I learnt to read the KOTs. I was very mischievous when I first came here and then sir spoke to me. That’s when I started working seriously and dedicated myself to my work. I love my job.

Gaurav – I worked for two months at The Butchery. I learnt to clean fish, chicken, everything that comes in. My friends get holidays and I had to learn to work independently. I found that exciting. I got a chance to work at the bar. Sometimes I worked at the bar on my own. I got to interact with guests. There was a boy called Paulo and he taught me everything from the get-go. He was a perfectionist and made sure I did everything right.

Shekar – I came to Mum’s Kitchen for training purposes. It feels good to be a part of this restaurant. I was told by previous interns that Mum’s Kitchen is the ideal place for training.

Mukesh – My friends recommended that I come to Mum’s Kitchen for training because I would learn everything well. What I enjoyed the most was the plating. I enjoyed serving guests. I learnt how to cut and clean all the meats. I loved learning about the preparation of food. I especially loved the work environment.

Surjeet – My friends and seniors told me that Mum’s Kitchen is a good place for my internship. I worked in the Masala Room and The Range. I particularly loved The Range, cooking and dishing. I loved watching people come to the restaurant. There was always constant movement. I learnt to be more disciplined.

We, at Mum’s Kitchen, are proud to have this team do their internship with us. We love how they have grown, progressed, and adapted to their roles assigned to them. Never once did they flinch from hard work. We wish these young men a bright and prosperous future.

The Mum’s Kitchen Team

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