Pinaca (Pinagr) - Goan Dessert Recipe

Pinaca (Pinagr) – Goan Dessert Recipe


150 grams brown rice flour (Whole brown rice)

2 to 4 cloves of cardamom powder (crushed)

110 grams fresh grated coconut  

150 grams palm jaggery 

½ tp of saunf or fennel seeds (grind to a fine powder)

Pinch of salt to taste 

20ml water 


Steps of preparation 

Step 1 

If you are using Whole brown rice, roast the rice on a medium flame and grind into a fine powder. If using rice flour then roast it on medium heat till it is light brown and set it aside to cool. Take 10 to 12 grams of the roasted rice flour and keep it aside. It will be used later for the rolling of the Pinagr 

Step 2 

In the same pan add the jagger with 20ml of water and allow it to melt. 

Step 3 

After the jaggery is melted add the fennel seeds powder, cardamom, salt, grated coconut, and mix well. After it is mixed add the rice flour.

Step 4

After it is well mixed, take the pan off the heat and keep mixing for a few minutes till it cools down a bit.

Step 5

Take a spoon full of pinagr and roll it into a croquette shape. Take the pinagr and lightly roll it the roasted rice flours we saved earlier. Continue the same with the remaining dough. 


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