Our journey on this planet from childhood to motherhood

Our journey on this planet from childhood to motherhood

As a child, the most exciting course during lunch and dinner was the dessert, but now on the journey of becoming a mother, consuming too much of the sugary goodness that we once enjoyed as a child, has turned into a rising concern.

The choice between healthy and nutritious food should be an easy one, especially during pregnancy. This choice will ensure both you, and your baby will stay safe and healthy. No matter how much we try to control and eat healthy food, the big test comes when you find yourself craving something sweet but at the same time, don’t want to unnecessarily increase your sugar intake. How we grow is an outcome of what we eat and live healthily. 

We have carefully compiled a list of Goa’s top sugar-free desserts that are nutritionally dense and healthy to consume as all the ingredients used in making these desserts have numerous health benefits affiliated to them.  

In the below list, you will find ingredients like Legumes that are an exceptional source of plant-based, calcium, folate, fiber, protein, and iron. Sweet potatoes are incredibly rich in beta-carotene that converts to Vitamin A. Nuts that include healthy fats having brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and proteins. Coconut Milk, also a good source of good fat. Brown rice, which if consumed in moderation will be a nutrient-rich addition to your meal. The freshly grated coconut that is rich in dietary fiber, minerals, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc which also should be eaten moderately and the star ingredient jaggery, that is rich in iron, calcium and other nutritional content. 

The 6 of the best Goan desserts are listed in our “Legendary Food” e-recipe book collection. All the desserts are made of jaggery that acts as a natural sweetener which is healthy and at the same time delicious to eat. All the desserts are meant to be eaten in a moderate quantity to attain the complete nutritional value of each ingredient.


A vegan dessert is packed with proteins and is mostly eaten at religious functions. The ingredients used are Mung dal that has a potent antioxidant effect, coconut milk that builds muscle and helps reduce fat, jaggery a healthy source of carbohydrates and helps in boosting immunity, and cashew nuts that are a great source of dietary fibers. 

Kongache (sweet potato) 

A nutritious vegan dessert is mostly eaten for teatime in Goa but can be eaten as a dessert too.

There are only 3 ingredients used in making this sweet dish, coconut, jaggery, and sweet potatoes that have a rich source of fiber, a wide range of vitamins and minerals and high in antioxidants. 


A rich, smooth-textured vegan, gluten-free Goan dessert that will get all your taste buds activated. The ingredients used are coconut milk that Improves digestion, jaggery, cashew nuts, almond that is packed with vitamin E, magnesium, and potassium and rice flour that is gluten-free avoiding any gluten allergies.

Khatkhati Coconut Candy

A gluten-free Goan Coconut Candy that is simple and quick to prepare, this sweet can be stored in an airtight container for optimal usage helping you avoid regular store-bought sweets.

The ingredients used in making these sweets are fresh or dry shredded coconut, roasted sesame seeds, a good source of fiber, roasted peanuts, an excellent source of plant-based protein, and also includes key vitamins and mineral composition, cardamom powder has unique antioxidant properties and ghee, a nutritional powerhouse.


A traditional Goan dessert. This luscious sweet is made up of ingredients like brown rice, mung dal, coconut milk, jaggery, and turmeric leaves that boosts digestion and has strong anti-inflammatory properties.


A vegan and gluten-free dessert that can be bought in any Goan sweet shop and famously found in the “Mapusa Market”. This sweet has a unique crumbly texture. The ingredients used are brown rice, coconut, jaggery, fennel seeds that has a concentrated source of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium, selenium, manganese, zinc, vitamin C, iron, and magnesium, black pepper rich in vitamin B and produces calcium and ginger powder improves metabolism.

Please note: These are Goan dessert options listed out for your knowledge purpose only, please check with your nutritionist or doctor if the ingredients are right for you as every person has their own unique dietary needs.  

Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels


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